Damage caused by faulty
window installation
The photos at the left show
what kind of damage can occur
from an improperly installed

The original aluminum
windows, in this Northern
California 2 story home, were
removed and vinyl stucco fin
style windows were installed.  
The top 3 photos are different
views of the same window
opening.  The Window that was
in this opening appeared to be
completely sealed with
caulking, and probably was.
The problem, however, was
coming from the window
directly above this one.  The
upper window was allowing
water to enter into the wall.  
That water traveled within the
wall down to the lower window.
 The lower window, which did
not have a flashing system to
divert the water to the exterior,
was allowing the water to get to
the interior of the wall.  The
results are in the photos.

This home was rescued by our
Reflash Method".  The
damaged materials were
removed and replaced and new
block frame vinyl windows
were installed.
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