United States Patent  6,526,709  
                            Jacobsen  March 4, 2003  

         Replacement window installation and flashing system


A Replacement Window Installation and Flashing System consisting
mainly of an Interior Jam Liner and an Exterior Cap. The Interior Jam
Liner is of an elongated extruded shape; it is designed for installation
around the perimeter of a window opening that has been prepared by
collapsing and removing the original window frame. After being cut to the
desired length the Interior Jam Liner is installed on all 4 sides of the
window opening so that a vertical member on the Interior Jam Liner is
positioned in the area that was previously occupied by the original
windows nailing fin. An opposed vertical member at the back of the
Interior Jam Liner forms a stop with which to set a new replacement
window against. After the new replacement window is positioned against
this stop and fastened into place, the Exterior Cap, also an elongated
extruded shape, is cut to length, assembled as a rectangle, and mated with
the Interior Jam Liner by a male-female self-securing connection. The
original "new construction" type of seal is retained and rainwater is
channeled away by the Interior Jam Liner.
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